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iDevOps Bootcamp


iDevOps.io produces high quality DevOps engineers by immersing students in hands-on interactive training, live instruction, real-world project contribution, and teaching deductive problem solving by industry professionals and hiring managers in high level DevOps positions.

Next Cohort Start Date: July 11th, 2022

Next Cohort Graduation Date: Jan 16th, 2023

The iDevOps Journey

ISA Payment

Program Cost: $22,500

iDevOps.io utilizes ISA’s or Income Share Agreements for its payment process. This means once you are placed or making above the minimum threshold after your graduation date you will be responsible for sharing a percentage of your income by making payments until your ISA is paid in full.

There are no pre-payment penalties for ISA’s and there is a 3 month grace period before you are expected to be placed and payments are expected to start. 

The great thing about ISA’s is you only pay when you make above the minimum income threshold which means if you don’t have a job you don’t pay. They are typically more flexible than a traditional loan.

Students also have the ability of paying the full cost up front but generally elect to go with the ISA program.

Our ISA’s are powered by our partner Mentor Works and backed by a federally licensed bank.

Admissions Process

Unfortunately like any college or vocational school iDevOps can’t let everyone into our program. We have a limited number of available slots for each cohort. 

Our admissions process is designed to find the best candidates for our training program.

Admissions Process:

  1. 1. Admissions Interview: This is a 30 minute interview with an admissions counselor designed to determine if you are fit for our program. Once an instructor feels you are fit for the program they will authorize you to take our online cognitive assessment and begin the MentorWorks Application Process.
  3. 2. Online Browser Based Cognitive Assessment:  This is a logic based interactive game that utilizes machine learning to determine if you are a fit for our program based on past candidates and industry professionals data profiles.
  5. 3. MentorWorks ISA Application: You will also be asked to start your MentorWorks ISA application.

We have a strict admissions process as we want to give our students the best chance at succeeding. 

We also want to give our hiring partners comfort knowing they will be hiring someone who is fit for the industry.

Once these three steps are completed and you have signed your Mentor Works contract we will create accounts for you and give you academic material to start on before your cohort start date.

Weeks 1-10

Weeks 1-10 are the beginning of your journey at iDevOps. Here you will be introduced to the required knowledge needed to work in successfully in the industry. 

Mastering these technologies, tools, and concepts will allow you to succeed in the industry without question.

  1. 1. Bash / Linux: These are absolute must haves for doing DevOps professionally as the majority of infrastructure web applications runs on linux. 
  3. 2. Git / Git Workflow: Git is a tool used for collaborative code development and is an essential skill for being successful in DevOps.
  5. 3. Python: Python is used to develop complex automations and is a staple in the DevOps career. 
  7. 4. Amazon Web Services / Azure: Cloud services are the majority of what you will work on in the industry and because of this you will be introduced to both Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  9. 5. DPSM (Deductive Problem Solving Method): This is the iDevOps problem solving method which allows you to solve any problem methodically.
  11. A lot of times in DevOps you are asked to do / solve problems you have no experience with. Our method allows you to do this effectively and quickly at a high level.
  13. 6. Docker: Docker is one of the most widely used tools in the industry and is utilized for containerizing applications.
  15. 7. Kubernetes: Kubernetes is another widely used tool in the industry used to orchestrate the running and operations of containerized applications. This is a very valuable skill to have.
  17. 8. Terraform: Terraform is the single most used tool in the DevOps industry which enables Infrastructure as Code (IAC) on cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Platform, and Azure. 
  19. 9. Ansible: Ansible is another widely used tool in the industry which allows you to do configuration management across large scale infrastructures with ease and speed.

Learning is a combination of interactive browser based training and live instruction performed by our industry leading instructors.

Weeks 10-27

Beginning in week 10 you will start your hands on project tasks while continuing academics focused mainly on cloud technologies and higher level concepts such as SRE, Github actions, and more.

When you accomplish your 500 hour project task requirement to build your professional resume you will begin studying for your certification exams.

Your project work will cover:

  1. 1. Building Docker files and learning to containerize applications.
  3. 2. Building Kubernetes Manifests and learning to deploy containerized applications into Kubernetes.
  5. 3. Building Github Action pipelines to build and deploy containerized applications into Kubernetes.
  7. 4. Building Terraform and Ansible playbooks learning concepts like Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code.
  9. 5. You will learn beginner and advanced automation strategies. Teaching you the best methods of implementing reusable automation across large organizations.

First Job Placement

As you near completion of your 500 hour project task requirement our instructors and partners at MentorWorks utilizing the MentorWorks TAP program will begin working with you to help you succeed in the job market. 

These career services include:

  1. 1. Resume guidance and training. You will be guided through designing and world class resume and LinkedIn Profile increasing your chances of placement within the Industry.
  3. 2. Guidance on how to find and apply for DevOps jobs including explanations surrounding the technologies and tools used by the industry to parse resumes increasing your ability to get responses.
  5. 3. Interview preparation and training. When you start getting responses from your applications we will help you understand how to prep for an interview and do mock interviews with you preparing you to rock the socks of your interviews. 

Placement typically takes between 1 – 2 months. This is why we start preparing you and applying to positions as you near the end of the program to get you placed as quickly as possible. 

Our partner MentorWorks who services our Income Share Agreements (ISA’s) also has preferred hiring with fortune 500 companies for candidates that have gone through their partner bootcamps.

After Placement

After you are placed in your first position your iDevOps journey doesn’t come to an end. 

All students have 1 year from their date of graduation to reach out to instructors for guidance. Guidance on career decisions or direction on problems to help you succeed and solidify your successful future in DevOps.

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