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Become a DevOps Engineer

Our 6-month program is the highest-rated DevOps Bootcamp in the world and our unique learn by doing approach teaches you a method of problem-solving we call: DPSM (“Deductive Problem Solving Method”) which will teach you to solve any problem with ease.

How our DevOps Bootcamp Works

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DevOps is a new career field dedicated to the automation of the software delivery lifecycle. A philosophy to automate all functions of IT to enable continuous deployments and integration.

Having been around for only a few years the DevOps job market is quickly growing and completely underserved. Apply to join our DevOps bootcamp and become a DevOps engineer in 6 months.

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Who is

iDevOps.io Inc?

How Can We Help Your Business?


We will analyze your environment then propose and provide efficient automated solutions designed to fit your needs. Solving your problems through automation and expertise.


We make hiring competent and capable DevOps engineers easy and fast. No more weeding through endless interviews to find capable candidates.

We train the engineers we put forward as candidates. This serves to ensure the quality of engineers we provide is consistent and reliable.

Corporate Training

We tailor our corporate training to fit the customers needs. Every environment is different so we will meet with you first to establish your needs and come back with a training plan and timeline. Investing in your employees is one of the best investments you can make.

DevOps Blog

  • Tracing Stuck Cosmos IBC Transactions
    If you are doing IBC on your Cosmos network you have probably run into situations where the client becomes expired and IBC packets get stuck in the queue. Obviously you want to ensure your customers money isn’t lost. In some cases if you aren’t on Cosmos SDK .44 or higher and you haven’t enabled the …
  • iDevOps.io Case Study
    iDevOps.io case study showing how iDevOps.io engineers initially impact an organization when they are brought in. We train our engineers to solve problems. They learn a method of problem solving that adds tremendous value to any organization they are employed at. Feedback from hiring managers generally consist of: “can you make clones?” Checkout our Case …
  • 35 Eye Opening Statistics About DevOps Career Prospects
    Source: The Enterprisers Project: DevOps Careers: 35 key hiring stats from 2020 DevOps adoption rates We’re eager to see how the global shift to remote work has affected DevOps adoption. Here’s what the survey found before the pandemic: 1. 42 percent of global enterprises are applying DevOps at the project or multiple project level. 2. 23 percent of …


What People Say

“Can you clone your self? We could use a couple more of you.”

Hiring Managers to Our Candidates.

“An invaluable training program into the field of DevOps!!”

“A valuable program to start your DevOps career”

“A powerful tool to create a better future”

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